about us

Where Love and Creativity Sweetly Mix

Welcome to Les Gateaux de Marie, where passion and creativity blend to create sweet masterpieces. Our bakery’s story begins in the heart of Paris, France, where we honed the art of crafting perfect desserts. Our adventure continues in Manhattan, where only the finest ideas flourish.

We Love Cakes

The beginning of a wonderful dream

In my childhood, my grandmother’s culinary guidance ignited a passion for cooking. At six, I eagerly learned to cook and assist in the kitchen. She imparted not just skills, but a link between cooking and love. “Learn to cook,” she’d say, “to appreciate services later in life.” While peers played with dolls, I curated my cookbook. Her influence set me on a lifelong journey, rediscovering my calling — to make the world a happier place.

Les Gateaux de Marie - Best Bakery in Manhattan

Finding the right path

Although I initially pursued a successful career as a tax manager in Serbia, I felt unfulfilled. A significant change came when I met my husband and moved to Manhattan. Despite the language barrier, I embraced my new life, forming friendships through shared cultural experiences and food. As a mother of twins, my desserts became popular at children’s parties, providing a creative outlet and fostering community connections.

about us

Realizing My Sweet Dream

The joy I found in making desserts revealed a demand for quality treats in New York City, especially among busy moms. Starting from my home kitchen, I faced challenges like long hours and balancing childcare. I marketed my products to local establishments, schools, and private clients. Transitioning to a commercial kitchen marked a significant milestone, and launching a website boosted our visibility. Despite the pandemic’s challenges, the business thrived.

In March 2022, we opened the doors of Les Gateaux de Marie. Our dedication earned us the “Women of Distinction” award from the New York State Assembly, highlighting our commitment to community service. Looking ahead, we aim to enrich our neighborhood with quality, love, and care. Our message is simple: Follow your heart, trust your instincts, and embrace the journey, with love as the secret ingredient.